About Me

Meet Urquisa

This space is all about you and how I can best serve you. But here is a bit about me.

The first question I always get is, how do I pronounce your name?

It’s UR-kee-suh.

But, if it is easier, you can call me Isa.

I am originally from South America.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. When I was 18 years old, my family decided to move to the US. I went to college in Florida and I have a major in Psychology. I have been married for 15 years and currently live in Houston, Texas with my husband and 4 kids.

I became a photographer in 2013 while I was living in Europe. We had just moved to Madrid and I told my husband “now that we are here, what am I gonna do?”. He asked me, “what do you really like to do?” I told him “cooking... oh and I really want to learn how to use my camera”. Long story short, I ended up going to school for two years for photography and never took a cooking class in Spain, which I secretly regret.

I believe all the things in my life
have helped me become the kind of
photographer I am today:

One: I'm fully aware of how quickly life moves.

My little ones keep reminding me every day how quickly time flies and the importance of documenting these precious days for myself and for my clients!

Two: I love interacting and connecting with people. Hey, I had to make new friends every time we moved!  

We have moved 8 times in the last 8 years. I am not only referring to different houses or towns, I mean different countries and even continents. I am a certified moving expert at this point ha! I have truly enjoyed meeting new clients and making new friends along the way! (By the way, this is it. Houston forever y’all!) 

Three: I love diversity

I find it easy to talk and relate to people from different backgrounds and cultures. I think this helps me put my clients at ease and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

Four: You will have an easy-peasy, stress-free session! It’s an experience!

I will guide you from the beginning to the end from picking the location to deciding about outfits. I am easy-going and maybe a weird combination of introvert and extrovert (cue Third Culture Kid). I am mostly quiet, watching behind the scenes as I document your moments, but I can also step in and offer direction when necessary. I like to observe and listen for the poem that your story reflects and translate that into a film… into imagery.

Currently Mastering:

How to grow tomatoes and herbs / How to like my coffee with oat milk / How to take better photos of the night sky. So far, four tomato plants have died!

Update: After killing 6 tomatoes plants, I just harvested like 50 tomatoes!

Major Goal:

Visit all 63 US National Park and travel, travel, travel!

A little more about me

What Makes My Heart Smile

A blooming garden

A warm Belgium waffle with strawberries, bananas and Nutella

My little boy’s kisses and hugs

My oldest daughter’s heart beating strongly every day

My stepson’s smiles and soccer goals

My daughter’s expressions, and silliness

An unplanned trip or any travel adventure

A romantic dinner with my husband

A pair of new nude shoes

And of course, dessert! Oh! dessert while watching a good movie!

Here is a video of my family from the Summer of 2018. This is us! The sweet girl is my sister (my best friend). You will also see my mom and dad, whom the kids call “Mameche and Abu” 

The video was filmed in the mountains of North Carolina near Boone, where we have spent some Summers.